DJI Mavic Pro – the most compact yet Artificial Intelligence empowered flying camera

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DJI has recently released the most compact yet powerful flying camera – DJI Mavic Pro. Its super compact and foldable form exemplifies carrying your Mavic Pro Wherever You Go. It can fly up to 27-minutes and boasts DJI’s  FlightAutonomy, an AI-powered system consisting of 5 cameras, GPS & GLONASS, duo-ultrasonic sensors and 24 computing cores, that gives the Mavic Pro the artificial intelligence (AI) to avoid obstacles and a precise hovering capability. Mavic Pro has an expertly minimized camera that is capable of shooting 12 megapixels, 4K/30pfp, and Adobe DNG RAW. The camera is stabilized with 3-axis mechanical gimbal. The Mavic Pro, with an all new built-in transmission system – OcuSync with a range of up to 4.3mile (7km) and 1080p live feed, will support upcoming DJI Goggles.

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